The Gift Certificate entitles its bearer to make a one-time purchase within 12 months for the amount specified in the Certificate, in online shop or in any shop of our partners.

The nominal value of the Certificate corresponds to the amount in rubles paid when purchasing the Certificate. Several Certificates can be used for a single purchase by one bearer. If the sum of purchase exceeds the nominal value of the Certificate, the missing amount is paid by the bearer with a bank card. If the amount of the purchase is lower than the nominal value of the Certificate, the remaining nominal value of the Certificate cannot be used for the next purchase and is not returned. The money received for the Certificate will not be refunded to the Certificate bearer.

In case of loss, the Certificate is not restored, and the value at which the Certificate was sold is not refundable. Return and exchange of the goods acquired with the use of the Certificate is made on the general bases provided by the law.

In this case, in the part paid for by the Certificate, a new Certificate of equal value is issued to the bearer. With regard to the amount paid by the bearer, the refund shall be made in the same form in which the additional payment was made.

To issue a Gift Certificate, please contact us by email