About Brand

Moving around the world, inspired by the cultures of different countries, learning and mastering the most valuable techniques of the leather craft, in 2018 we created the brand SCÀLA, embodying authenticity, passion and freedom of expression.

By developing the collection and each individual bag model, we aim to create a collectible object that, even after generations, will remain a welcome object for connoisseurs of relics.

Unique colors, the best Italian materials, handmade fittings, professionalism and experience of Italian craftsmen allow us to create truly luxurious products that you can fall in love with.

BAG as a work of ART!


In an era of rapid technological development and global mechanisation, we prefer production techniques that have been proven for centuries. We strive to maintain and develop manual craftsmanship, building connections with small family factories, contributing to the preservation of the craft. Each of our handbags is designed and manufactured in Italy by experienced craftsmen who have been creating leather goods comparable to a work of art for generations.

Quality is never a coincidence, it is the result of meticulous processes and the work of professionals.



We only work with reliable and responsible suppliers from Italy. All reptile skin is supplied with the necessary CITES documents.

We strive for responsible production and encourage conscious consumption.